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Florida's Premier Advertising Network


Best Deals publishes high-quality, high-gloss advertising-only magazines and is the fastest growing advertising network in Florida. Best Deals connects consumers with the best local savings via offers and beautiful advertisements and supports each local economy through consumer discovery and commerce. Best Deals equates to the best value and is what discerning customers demand.  

Inspired by affluent consumers who seek the best value from local business across a broad variety of product & services, we connect the very best each community has to offer delivered in the highest quality and quantity magazine, mailed to just the right households each month. 


Best Deals connects your business with the top 700,00 high-valued households every month mailed from North of Tampa Bay to areas reaching south of Naples. Our publications feature the best businesses and brands in four primary categories - Home Improvements, Home Services, Retail Products & Services, Food & Dining


Whether you created your own brand, own a franchise or want to amplify your marketing strategy, let Best Deals Book and Exclusively Home Improvement magazine connect your business with your next customer today!