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“The front cover was wildly successful. I can’t believe the impact.”

 Dave M., Generator Supercenter Sarasota Florida


“Best Deals has been consistently the best lead generation tool to help us generate the highest quality leads over the years.”

Robert F., Owner, Sarasota Florida 


 ​​"Last month we closed a 6 figure window replacement job! We consistently get large jobs from Best Deals Book every month."

 Tampa Florida  


"Best Deals deliver on performance each month. It is the new #1 in direct mail advertising!"

Zack M., Bonita Springs Florida 



"We received Best Deals at our home and were so impressed with this magazine we signed up our business to a full page ad and have since added full page ads in all zones!"

Joseph B., Sarasota Florida


 "With Best Deals we were able to reduce our overall advertising expenses and increase revenue! For us, this advertising magazines makes us more money then anything else we have used in the past!"
Michael H., Sarasota Florida 


 ​​​​"Best Deals Book of SWFL is driving more business for us then any other magazine we use!"

Kari, Fort Myers Florida 


Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Sarasota Florida 


“Best Deals Book is helping grow our business. As a direct result of advertising with Best Deals Book we recently won the largest single sale in our Company's history! .”

Rene A., Owner Tampa Bay Florida


Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal. "We get great results with Best Deals Book and Exclusively Home Improvement magazine each month."
Jack H., Sarasota Florida 


 “The leads generated by this book were great but we also saw a spike in sales generated through our website which we could confirm originated from Best Deals Book as well!”

Oldsmar Florida


 “Best Deals gives us way more quality leads then the other home magazines we have used. We should have signed up with them a long time ago! ”

Courtney H., Sarasota Florida 


 "We have grown our business 1000% year-over-year with Best Deals! Highly recommend them."

Coby G., Owner, Sarasota Florida 


 "For us, Best Deals was a great purchase. We are thrilled with the results even during these challenges pandemic times."

Brett H., Fort Myers FL


"We kicked off our advertising with Best Deals Book with a front cover and a full page inside package. Just in the first few days that magazines started coming out we received so many calls that it knocked out our phone system. We will be moving forward with a quarterly cover program! It works amazing, thank you Best Deals Book!"

 Jaime Z ., Naples FL